Referral by Genea sperm donor coordinator. This applies to recipients who have been seen by a fertility specialist, completed all their testing and paperwork and are ready for treatment. Please contact our



For new patients who are starting on this journey and have not seen a fertility specialist. You need to contact to arrange an appointment with a Fertility Specialist and start the process. Recipients in Australia living outside of NSW can also seek treatment with us as long as the treatment process occurs in NSW.


Irrespective of whether you are ready to start (1) or are a new recipient (2) our sperm donor coordinator will provide you with the requirements to register on the DGSA website. Please contact our


Choose a donor. By registering on the DGSA website you will have access to the donor sperm bank, and you can choose your sperm donor.


Having made your choice, and once contact between you and your prospective donor has been made, and you wish to proceed with this donor, both you and your prospective donor will be directed to our legal team where the relevant documentation needed will be completed and processed ensuring full knowledge of the process by all parties concerned.


You are now ready to complete the ordering process (minimum of 5 vials) which will result in the sperm being transported to Genea and treatment can then commence under the care of your fertility specialist.