Donors are usually recruited by the scientists at DGSA. If you would like to be a potential donor please contact our scientist at (


The scientist and consulting doctor will take a medical history and will arrange for you to have a semen analysis to make sure that your sperm is normal and complies with our donor requirements. Once you pass the screening test your next step is a full medical evaluation with in depth tests covering an infection screen, genetic screening for Chromosomes (karyotyping), full cystic fibrosis screening as well as screening for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Fragile X. In addition counselling with our counsellor will be required.


In the meanwhile sperm samples will be cryopreserved (frozen storage in liquid nitrogen). A mandatory 3 month quarantine period follows and then a final testing to confirm acceptance.


Your donor profile will be put up on our website for recipients to choose. This will only occur once you have approved of the profile, which will include a photo of you as a child.


Once you are chosen, contact with the recipient via our customised one on one secure restricted chat room access will happen.


The final step is to consult with our legal representatives who will sign all the relevant documents with you. Once you are a donor with DGSA you agree that you will not donate to any other clinic in South Africa or abroad.