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  1. I fully understand and accept that I am using the services of DGSA (Pty) Ltd, and all of their employees, completely at my own risk and I undertake to indemnify, hold harmless and absolve DGSA (Pty) Ltd, and all of their employees, against and from any or all claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any loss of or damage or injury to myself, as a result of using DGSA (Pty) Ltd’s services. I acknowledge that DGSA (Pty) Ltd will take reasonable precautions to ensure my safety and welfare when using their services and that their liability shall not be limited should it be found to be grossly negligent or should it be considered fraudulent conduct. I acknowledge and agree that should I decide to institute action against DGSA for any reason, other than gross negligence or fraudulent conduct, that DGSA shall only be liable up to a maximum amount of R2.5 million. Should I decide to institute action for any gross negligence and/or fraudulent conduct I agree to the jurisdiction of South Africa, which governs the agreement/s that I enter into.
  2. I acknowledge and accept that I am seeking to meet a known sperm donor and shall introduce myself to the sperm donor. Should I elect to use the sperm of the known donor, once we have communicated, I do so at entirely my own risk and in terms of clause 1 (one), above. I accept that DGSA (Pty) Ltd will carry out a number of medical tests on my chosen sperm donor’s sperm, but that the tests will be limited, and therefore I will not hold DGSA (Pty) Ltd liable to any abnormalities that may affect my child, born as a result of the known donor’s sperm.
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